Saturday, July 16, 2016

Almost to Jersey!!!

Departing Districts
So it's official now. We're the oldest district in the zone! Not only does that mean we're cooler than everyone else (JK) but it also means we leave really soon! We actually got our flight plans yesterday so we're offically scheduled to leave the MTC! Finally!!! 

I'm going to miss these Elders and Hermanas, they helped me so much with there examples and all the fun they brought into the zone! 

Elder Nabo, the best impromptu spiritual rapper you'll ever meet. He spat some serious "bars".​

Hermana Bradshaw is a rebel!

In the MTC you get a assigned a teacher to lead study time and in our case teach us the language. Just so happens that our District got the best one around!

There's a computer in every classroom and one day ours got taken over remotely by one of the online administrators! So what does our teacher do you ask? Well she starts moving the mouse around, meanwhile typing messages in his code!! 


One of the Elders who recently left the MTC came from Texas and he brought with him some Texas "candy". Not to rant but who puts chili powder on fruity candy?? Anyways a few of the Elders and I decided to crack open one of the packages of Salsaghetti that he left with us...

There's a reason that it's not popular in Idaho!!

Granted, the aftertaste really wasn't half bad.​

Elder Winward..

There's so much to say about him but the pictures really do him better justice than words.

The first one to ever use a shoehorn as a spoon and not get athlete's tongue!​

Mad Eye Moody and Elder Batman!!!

Two things. First off our zone doubled in size and one of the new Elder's last name is Batman! Like legit it's been in the family for generations!

Oh and the other thing is that Elder Moody got pink eye!!!

Not that I'm happy about it or anything but it's awesome!!​

Give a man a box and he'll make shelves and drawers galore!

When I'm not studying or teaching we're souping up our crib.​

Elder Lucas Michael Johnson

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