Saturday, July 23, 2016

Last Week at the MTC!

Well it's the last week at the MTC and it's been full of so many different emotions! I guess this time around I just want to share the things I've learned here and how I've grown. I know with assuredly that this is where I am supposed to be so if any of you feel that you should serve hopefully this email will give you that extra boost to change your lives forever!

From start to end I've been chewed up, stomped on and fed to the MTC and yet I have never been so happy and close to my Father in Heaven. There were SOOO MANY challenges but even more blessings. Here are some of them: 

  • Four the past 4 and a half weeks my companion and I have been assigned as zone leaders. 
  • Meaning that we ran back and forth everyday running missionaries around campus, taking care of logistics and any drama having to do with the 60 some odd missionaries in our zone. All the while trying to accomplish the other billion tasks that every missionary has planned on their overcrowded schedule!
  • I had no idea how to plan and schedule all the tasks I had to accomplish.
  • I had no idea that I was over-stressed, and that that stress was taking a toll on my personal relationship with Heavenly Father.

I really don't like talking about this stuff so let's move on to the blessings!

  • I grew to depend on the Lord in all that I do.
  • I learned to express my feelings and ask for help.
  • I was taught how to manage time, tasks and day to day life.
  • I grew closer to the Lord.
  • I realized my need for personal revelation and I now listen knowing that He will answer!
  • I am learning to love others and to act in true charity.
  • I now know that serving others is the greatest thing we can do to be happier, to learn to love ourselves.
  • I now love myself.
  • I receive personal revelation.
  • My testimony has never been so strong and it continues to grow!
  • As does my companionship with the Spirit.
  • I am beginning to understand just how significant my calling is and the power that comes to me when I earnestly seek to fulfill it.

I know that my redeemer lives. I know that I am here for a reason. I know that God loves each and everyone of you. Never doubt yourself if you are in the service of your God. Doubting yourself in His work is doubting Him and that is why our burdens become heavy in our callings and overall in our lives. I am giving Him my all and commit to do so every day.

Hopefully this email helps you! Email me if you have any questions or want to know more I would love to help in anyway. 

Thanks to everyone who support us, your prayers mean everything to the missionaries that need love!

Elder Lucas Michael Johnson

This just happens to be the most amazing missionary, with the name tag of an RM. He helped me so much and there is no need to be modest about that. Love ya Brother Amacher!​
Love these Elders.​
Love these Elders.​
Love these Elders.​

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Almost to Jersey!!!

Departing Districts
So it's official now. We're the oldest district in the zone! Not only does that mean we're cooler than everyone else (JK) but it also means we leave really soon! We actually got our flight plans yesterday so we're offically scheduled to leave the MTC! Finally!!! 

I'm going to miss these Elders and Hermanas, they helped me so much with there examples and all the fun they brought into the zone! 

Elder Nabo, the best impromptu spiritual rapper you'll ever meet. He spat some serious "bars".​

Hermana Bradshaw is a rebel!

In the MTC you get a assigned a teacher to lead study time and in our case teach us the language. Just so happens that our District got the best one around!

There's a computer in every classroom and one day ours got taken over remotely by one of the online administrators! So what does our teacher do you ask? Well she starts moving the mouse around, meanwhile typing messages in his code!! 


One of the Elders who recently left the MTC came from Texas and he brought with him some Texas "candy". Not to rant but who puts chili powder on fruity candy?? Anyways a few of the Elders and I decided to crack open one of the packages of Salsaghetti that he left with us...

There's a reason that it's not popular in Idaho!!

Granted, the aftertaste really wasn't half bad.​

Elder Winward..

There's so much to say about him but the pictures really do him better justice than words.

The first one to ever use a shoehorn as a spoon and not get athlete's tongue!​

Mad Eye Moody and Elder Batman!!!

Two things. First off our zone doubled in size and one of the new Elder's last name is Batman! Like legit it's been in the family for generations!

Oh and the other thing is that Elder Moody got pink eye!!!

Not that I'm happy about it or anything but it's awesome!!​

Give a man a box and he'll make shelves and drawers galore!

When I'm not studying or teaching we're souping up our crib.​

Elder Lucas Michael Johnson

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Happy 4th of July!

Howdy Ya'll!

This last week has been incredible and has helped me tons to learn who I really am! The Lord is incredible and His plan applies to every aspect of our lives. I know that my redeemer lives and I give Him my all everyday. If I could share any message with you that I've learned this week it would be to hope for things unseen but have faith that they will come to pass. Im other words, have Deep Faith and high expectations. The Lord loves every one of us and the tender mercies we receive each day give us a reason to live.

If you ever need comfort to be made strong read The Book of Mormon.
These are some of the scriptures that have helped me this week:

Ether 12  Comfort to be made strong
Alma 32:24-36  My counsel from this week, I'm not sure what it will mean to you but it helped me a ton to trust in my faith. A wise man once told me that "If you doubt yourself in the Lord's errand than you only doubt your God."


Elder Lucas Michael Johnson

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Week 3 at the MTC! (Hey that rhymes...)

Hey guys!! So I'm sorry if the update last week didn't send, I had some technical difficulties! The MTC is incredible and I feel the spirit every time we teach. There is so much power through the spirit. And as most of you know I'm not the best at speaking Spanish so there has been many a miracle to help me. I love my companion and district so much! God blesses me every day! First I want to bare a short testimony than you can read some of the fun stories below!

I know my Savior lives. I am closer to the Savior before. I bare my witness with all my heart that He lives and loves every one of us. Prayer is our communication to him and the more we care the more we allow ourselves to feel His love. I love every one of you.

Elder Lucas Michael Johnson

Harry Potter
Elder Randle
Elder Wilkensen
My Comp, Elder Nielsen
Notice the picture in the upper left corner of the room? Haha well Elder Nielsen and I switched it out with a painting from across the hall. We looked super suspicious and I felt like one of Ocean's Eleven! ​​​
​Brother Amacher and Elder Nielsen. Two of the greatest people you will ever meet!
Elder Parker
Elder Winward