Monday, September 26, 2016

All Missionaries Are Safe

Just a short update from Mom and Dad. We received an email and Facebook message that no missionaries were injured in the Hoboken train wreck that occurred this morning. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who were injured or killed.

September 26th, 2016

So a couple quick thoughts from this week in my journal that have really helped me out and keep coming back up.

"I am, we are in His hands and the experiences that we have and the events that surround us will always be for our eternal good if we let them. Humility plays a key role in conversion. And the lock to that conversion is our motive; real intents to learn and grow for the reasons that matter most to us. And when those reasons begin to align more with His all that we learn will lead us to grow continually in His pattern. Meaning that we will be able to live in the moment and appreciate every good thing for its origin, our Heavenly Father. That is the true meaning of humility and that is what will make life not only worthwhile but enjoyable for the individuals that we uniquely are."

First Taxi Cab Ride! 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Sept. 12, 2016

Hola Friends and Family,

So the thing I really want to share this week actually came up in
stake conference. Marcel, a spiritual giant who was quoting Buddha in
front of not only the stake but also an Area Authority!, gave a really
incredible talk about truly improving. He talked about how the only
way to be true disciples of Christ is to act. And instead of just
leaving that vague statement in the air he spoke about how to act and
one of those ways just happens to be in Preach My Gospel. The PMG is
an incredible tool for the missionaries to use but there's a reason
it's available to everyone in Gospel Library. At the end of Ch 6
there's a Christlike attribute activity that has helped me so so much
to inch closer to the man I want to become and the disciple I want to

I want to encourage those who are reading this email to fill out that
57 Question survey in the PMG and I promise that it will bring you
closer to Savior. Not only will you learn to know Him more but you
will become more like Him.

I know the Lord blessed us each and everyday, I'm so grateful for that
and so grateful to be in His arms. I know that He truly does love us
and it's a marvelous work to see that knowledge change people's lives.
Hopefully you've seen some of the Facebook posts! They're staring off
a little on the rough side but eventually will figure it out :)

Love you guys!

Elder Lucas Johnson

Monday, September 5, 2016

Sept. 5th, 2016

Last week we were able to do a little "busting", which was an Amazing experience. This is when we go with a brand new "greenie" missionary, split off into companionship's and start talking and teaching people in the middle of Newark. The diversity in the middle of the city is immense, the buildings and stores are Huge, it's almost like a whole new mission, since we have just been in our neighborhoods. It's still extremely hot, but I'm learning so much and my perspective is opening up to what's most important in life. I wouldn't change this experience for anything right now. It's the best and most difficult thing I've ever done. This past week I was affected by General Conference talks, journaling and loving people I hardly know. 

                     Improvised Head Phones! Next thing we'll see him using a cassette player! :)