Monday, February 20, 2017

February 20, 2017

Jersey City Memories

Finally found the picture of the same place that hangs in my home in Idaho
                                           Elder Marz is a beautiful Soul
Members delivered all this to us when they found out we were sick (this happened 4 Times)
                     Moroni Martinez, the second best young men's President next to Brother Smart 
                                            This one is for my Aunt Julie!
                                    Hermano Padula, an amazing man of God
 Emil Ciliezer, super big techy who promised to hack our Xbox when I get home with any game we want!
                          Consejo de Barrio with Hermano Urtecho's robotic weapon finger..
                                      Elder Marz's and my last time on the 8th floor.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

February 6th

It's been a wonderful week! We're eating and teaching and just chugging along. I sent a few videos in emails, but this week my update is in some fun photos. 

BOWLING...Good Clean Fun
                                                 Bowling on PDay with the zone.

                                                              A GREAT VIEW
                                                        An awesome companion!

                                                           THE DENTIST
                                                         5 Cavities filled...YIKES

                                                           One wet companion!

                                                            THE TABLE
Table stands in the freezing cold...

                           A member had pity for us and got us some hot chocolate to warm up!

Elder Johnson