Monday, August 29, 2016

Our General Authority Experience

Finally got my iPad! It's an incredible tool and has helped so much in
planning and even more in finding new investigators and sharing our

So we set our first solid baptismal date. The fun thing is that she
was the first person I ever contacted in Spanish! I'm super excited
for her, she's 16 and already looking to serve a mission!

There were some really awesome things that I have learned in the
exchange this week. The main thing being the initiative to go and do.
A lot of times it's hard to go straight out and take actions. As
members and missionaries we want to fellowship people into the church
but a lot of times our nonmember friends need our message before our
friendship. Hope this experience can help you. Love you guys!

We had a General Authority, Elder Dubei, come and speak to the
mission! Incredible experience and normally it would just end there
but while he was here he decided to tag along with a pair of Elders to
see what they did throughout the day. And no those elders weren't me
and Elder Langi, but they were the other companionship in the 4 man.
So you can only imagine our surprise when we came home and a member of
the Seventy is cracking jokes about how messy our apartment is 😂

I didn't take too many pictures but here's a pretty fun one.
Apparently my companion is really good at cutting hair.

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