Monday, August 8, 2016

2nd Week in Newark

Newark is absolutely incredible and like I said in my last email the people here are incredible! This week they have had a huge impact on the way I see mission work. 

 So there's been several times this week where we've taught people who were either drunk or just different. What I mean is that it can be difficult to give our message. And that's how they've taught me so much. I guess if I were to explain what I've gotten out of this week is the fact that I need to "Stop preaching and teach... A lesson!" I've come to learn that some of the most spiritually nurturing experiences come when the only thing I can do is listen and be taught by the spirit. These incredible people talk by the spirit and are some of the kindest hearts that I have ever met! 

 Oh and speaking of fun experiences there was a guy who started bible bashing me and Elder Langi at the train station. Anyways it resulted in people crowing around us and my companion got really really into it 😅 And at some point before it got confrontational I had the prompting to separate a couple boys from the group and speak with them. (For the record my companion was in sight and sound the entire time.) Just so happened that the boys spoke English and they were full of questions. Questions that I was able to answer, that led straight into the Restoration. Anyways we started teaching them and we are going to fallow up today on how their prayers went!

So the Phillie temple is opening in a couple months and our mission president just allowed us to take two trips to the open houses with some of our investigators and less actives! Anyways it's an incredible experience and I can't wait to go!

Well if there were any way to describe Newark it'd be this video one of the Elders took haha 😂

Elder Lucas Michael Johnson

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