Monday, October 24, 2016

October 24th

"Well the fridge broke this morning and we talked to the landlord and he was pretty indifferent. Well that led us to harbor some ill feelings. Turns out he was right and the fridge is our responsibility. I am convinced that God will never give us a good reason to harbor ill feelings on our missions. And that in our normal day-2-day lives if there ever were a moment where we were flat out wronged we would not be able to distinguish it from "wrongs" that have a reason. It is always better to seek an unwavering Christlike love. Appreciation is the place to start and end.


No matter how wronged we've been, no matter how much we may feel wronged or stressed or forgotten, there is ALWAYS another side the life."

I love you guys and really hope the best for every one of you. I testify that Heavenly Father wants the best for everyone of us no matter how complicated or dire things may seem.


Elder Johnson

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