Monday, October 17, 2016

October 17th

I'm happy to say that Elder Langi and I will be staying together for at least another transfer!
I am most grateful for from yesterday was the opportunity to receive love from the children. Yesterday the primary had an activity to feed the missionaries and to share their testimonies. Check out the video and pictures! Anyways it was a great tender mercy and a much needed moment of gratitude.
Life is truly about continually reminding ourselves to be better. Jarom 1:12 "They did prick their hearts with the word, continually stirring them up unto repentance." It's also about learning to have the spirit with us always. And the instructions are already there. They are in one book. And our way to change, grow and keep the spirit with us is by actually reading it (like opening the instruction manual), and from that the spirit can teach us (actually reading the instruction manual). Haha and if any of you are like me and my dad you'd hate reading instructions but:
     They leave no room for doubt.
     Installation is so much easier.
     You can actually start using it.
     They allow you to add your personal touch.

There has been a lot to be grateful for this week. There have not only been so many opportunities to have fun and feel the spirit but also to feel the spirit by having fun (see the pictures!).
In the last several days I have learned many lessons on the spirit. Most especially of its role as our perfect teacher. The greatest things we can ever aspire to become are brought to past by the fruits of the spirit. And while achieving those goals, if by the spirit, trusting God, you can and will have fun (or for the old Geezers, joy). In Elder Langi's words, "If you aren't having fun you're doing it wrong!"

Let's not forget one of the simplest scriptures ever! (The only one I have memorized haha)
    2 Nephi 2:25 Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have joy.

If you are having a problem, if you are stressing out, if you feel like you rather stay in bed in the morning than get over yourself and let yourself fall into His hands. Read. Pray. And rest so you can do the things in this life that are necessary. There is ALWAYS a greater perspective (even for those of us who are perfect 😉). Try using the instruction manual and actually do the things it says to do. As remedial as the tasks are, each letter was chiseled into metal/stone for a reason

Piggy Back Rides!

Primary Event

                                              First WalMart Shopping Trip

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