Monday, September 26, 2016

September 26th, 2016

So a couple quick thoughts from this week in my journal that have really helped me out and keep coming back up.

"I am, we are in His hands and the experiences that we have and the events that surround us will always be for our eternal good if we let them. Humility plays a key role in conversion. And the lock to that conversion is our motive; real intents to learn and grow for the reasons that matter most to us. And when those reasons begin to align more with His all that we learn will lead us to grow continually in His pattern. Meaning that we will be able to live in the moment and appreciate every good thing for its origin, our Heavenly Father. That is the true meaning of humility and that is what will make life not only worthwhile but enjoyable for the individuals that we uniquely are."

First Taxi Cab Ride! 

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