Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May 10th, 2017

Thank you everyone who sent messages and prayers my way on my birthday, it was a great day! I ate tons of tacos and they were delicious!

So here's the thought that I came across this week. It's that pride leads to doubt and doubt leads to fear and fear kills faith. This world is scary and it surrounds us in every aspect of our lives. As members knowing who we are and understanding our unlimited potentials often makes us feel that we don't live up to the bar.. that we aren't worthy enough to call down the powers of heaven to give a father's blessing to cure an infection or even faithful enough to be able to speak with the tongue of angels to that one person in the lunch room that just has something different about them.
Doubt is simply not a part of our divine nature and it never has been. Nor should it ever be!! If you have to fight the spirit to make some big promise or action in order to get attention than the Lord is not going to fulfill that blessing. But He wants you to exercise every pinch of power that is available to you!

I was teaching an investigator this week and he posed the question that if someone were to break a commandment, would their blessings from keeping the other commandments be revoked. I can testify that the Lord does not bless us on the merits of perfection. The blessings are already more abundant than what we can receive, it is our journey of happiness in this life to be physically capable of receiving those.
Doubt leads to fear and that's what literally damns us and halts our growth. Pride is the root of this doubt. You need faith to give up pride and to replace doubt and fear.
The only way to get out of this cycle is to give up our will.

I know we can harness more power than we currently exercise and that is what my mission is doing right now. I know you can do it too. Love you! Here's some fun stuff:

You can find a super good talk on pride here: "Beware of Pride" in Teachings of the Presidents: Ezra Taft Benson.

Love ya! Treat my mom well this Sunday! :)

Elder Lucas Michael Johnson          
New Jersey Morristown Mission

We threw an activity for the kids in our branch painting pots, planting plants and learning about baptism as a special surprise for mothers' day.
Always refreshments!

Beautiful chapel where former Presidents used to attend
A date night we through for an investigator and her future husband! We are so luck to have members that know how to play music and cook!

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