Monday, April 24, 2017

April 24, 2017

A great week, one of the Lord's greatest miracles in our area this week was entering the house of Juan Flores. He is an inactive who has two very active brothers in our ward. After many contact attempts we ended up outside there apartment to contact a referral and saw his family leaving.. so what did we do? We ran to go chase them down! But the Spanish program has already taken a toll on our bodies and the car drove away right before we had the opportunity to put our foot in the door. But Elder Bohman had the impression to go back and knock on their door and who answered? Juan!
The miracle part of this experience was really humbling.. What happened is that we entered the apartment and saw literally gallons of every type of alcohol available. On the inside I was really nervous about inviting him to come back to partake of the sacrament but despite that obstacle the Lord blessed us with extra courage and the words to fill our mouth. I know Juan felt something, it is now our job as missionaries help him repent.

I know that the very same spirit that helped us testify to Juan about the infinite reach of Christ's atonement will fill your mouths to testify that it can and will bring peace and joy to your friends, family and acquaintances. Don't be afraid, if you listen to the spirit it will not lead you to destroying your life, socially or monetarily. I promise that a simple testimony of the importance of ordinances and where that authority comes from will fulfill your heart with joy and peace unlike you have ever felt before. You will think more clearly receive revelation more often.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Elder Lucas Michael Johnson            
New Jersey Morristown Mission

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