Monday, November 28, 2016

November 28th

Thankful Heart Today 💗

Well this day marks the last of the third transfer in the mission
field. It also marks the last of my days as Elder Langi's companion.
During last nights transfer call I was reassigned to proselyte in the
Journal Square area of Jersey City. This holiday season has taught me
a lot about the true nature of the giving of thanks so I would love to
spend some time to do that.

First I want to give thanks to my companion. For spending hundreds of
hours teaching and trying and serving with me and never once giving
up. Thank you Elder Langi for pulling our pioneer wagon. Thank you for
loving me and teaching me to love you back. Thank you for loving
Heavenly Father and always putting him first. Thank you for your
example, to change to something even greater over the weeks, something
even more beautiful at heart.

Thank you, I love you man.

The next people I want to give a hug full of thanks to would be the
members and leaders of the Newark Spanish Ward, the most consistently
loving people I have met in my life and it has truly changed my aspect
of what people can be. It could feel it as it permeated the chapel
air, too thick to cut with even the sharpest of knives, every Sunday
morning at 9:10 sharp (Latino equivalence of 9:00). I felt it when
they would nod their heads and support my Spanish even though nothing
I said made sense. I felt it in their love for each other and their
true desires for others to continue on this journey, enduring to the
end feeling filled with the love of Christ. I felt their love and saw
it most in the leaders who dedicated their lives to the mission work,
never hesitating to be a member present in a lesson or share something
on Facebook or even to fill our bellies when our other appointments
bailed! I felt it in all extra 35 pounds of me to love I have been
acquiring 😂
To you members who have made all the difference in the way I look at others,

Doy a Dios gracias por cada uno de ustedes. Que Dios les bendiga por
todo de su servicio, especialmente en la obra misional.

                                                So Grateful to Everyone in Newark


Just A Little Service!

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